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Confessions of a Podcasting Newbie

So a couple of weeks ago, my friend Brian, for whom I’ve done a lot of writing for his site, Pendragon’s Post, approached me about joining his podcast. I listened to a couple of podcasts he guested on, and I didn’t really think I fit in. After sharing that with Brian, he told me he wanted my point of view. (I suspect it’s because I talk a great deal on Twitter about a variety of geeky topics. That, and I’m a girl. That doesn’t hurt.) So anyway, finally I overcame my hesitation and told him I’d do it. I attended my first production meeting last week and met my fellow panelists, and had a great time prepping for the show.

When Sunday’s recording time rolled around, I was filled with geeky butterflies, not only because this was my first foray into podcasting (after listening to many podcasts the past few years), but also because we were interviewing Fred Van Lente (writer of many things, but known mostly to me as the writer of Comic Book History of Comics and Action Philosophers!). I had my questions ready, but I was afraid I was going to stumble over my words. Thankfully, Fred is amazingly easy to talk to, and he even stayed through his segment to be a part of the panel for the rest of the show. 

I don’t know why I haven’t done this before. Podcasting is a lot of fun. It’s like blogging, but you know, with talking and stuff! 🙂 I kid, but I’m definitely excited to add this to the laundry list of geeky things I do. I’m available for podcasts to talk about a variety of topics if you ever need a guest star! (Ha!)

If you want to give our show a listen, check out Four Guys, a Girl, and a Show here:

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