Blog Resolutions (Or The Grandiose Plans I’ll Make Today That Hopefully I’ll Stick To)

Ah, New Year’s Day. It’s a time when most of us make some sort of resolutions, like lose weight, quit smoking, exercise more, or save more money. Let’s face it–most of us who make those resolutions fail miserably by February because we use these vague platitudes instead of setting real goals. Now, I’m not going to tell you how to do that. I’ve been successful maybe once in the last decade at making a significant change, so I’m certainly not the expert. However, there is one thing that’s been eating at me for the past year, and that’s my online activity. That’s where you come in, gentle readers. I need you to keep me honest.

You see, I have this full-time job that often gets in the way of my creativity, because when I get home, I think about dinner, feeding and walking my adorable dog, and spending time with my husband. In all this, at least once, I have a fleeting thought of something I want to blog about or remember that I haven’t written a League post. (Seriously, I’m the Aquaman of the League of Extraordinary Bloggers. It’s sad.) And I had a chance to write an article for an online magazine, but I didn’t. And then, I think, “Meh, I’m too tired.” That’s crap! I know it’s crap, you know it’s crap, and it’s not good for my well-being as a verbose geek.

“Well, that’s great,” you say, “but what are you gonna do about it?” Um, yeah, I don’t know. Honestly, I know work’s going to get really busy in the next few months in ways I haven’t even begun to imagine. But I also know 2013 is going to bring some pretty exciting things for us, so I’ll want to write about them. I’ve been bitten by the podcasting bug. I *really* want to do a show with a couple of friends, in addition to the show I’m already doing. And I also want to contribute to Life with Fandom, since I’ve had credentials since October. UGH.

Total first world problems, I know. I’m not complaining about being gainfully employed or that I have more ideas than time. I really just need Gatsby-like devotion to scheduling if I want to accomplish all these things. On top of that, I need some accountability. So if you stop by this blog, and you haven’t seen a post in a few weeks, call me on it. (Don’t be mean or anything, but a quick “Hey, is this thing on?” will help me immensely.)

So that’s it: my one big thing I want to change in 2013. I want to be more mindful of the time I spend doing trivial things. Sometimes it’s okay to zonk out and play Zookeeper for an hour to unwind, but it shouldn’t be my natural inclination. I want to finish things I started, like the awesome embroidery project I started Halloween before last. I just want to do better with time, and blogging is a big part of that. Keep me honest, gentle readers. I’m gonna need all the help I can get.

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