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League of Extraordinary Bloggers: What Do You Love?

league_logo1Love is in the air! In honor of Valentine’s Day, Brian at Cool and Collected has asked us to write a stream of consciousness post about what we love. Okay, here goes.

  1. I love my husband and the wacky adventures and conversations we have. He’s my best friend in the universe, and I’m so lucky to have what others strive to find.
  2. I love old R&B songs like “Mercy Mercy Me” and “Sir Duke”.
  3. I love that my dad turned me on to Motown, even though my mom hates it.
  4. I love that my mom turned me on to so many other kinds of music.
  5. I love that my mom turned me on to comics and cool pop culture. Little did she know the geeky path she started me on at a very young age.
  6. I love my mom and dad.
  7. I love the sound that the record makes when you put a needle on it.
  8. I love the sound the needle makes on a record when a DJ scratches it.
  9. I love finding a vintage toy that needs a home.
  10. I love opening vintage toys. They’re meant to be free!
  11. I love Masters of the Universe card/box art.
  12. I love Wonder Woman, especially 70s and 80s promo images.
  13. I love living life how it makes sense to me, especially since it means that I fill my life with people and things that make me happy.
  14. I love taking silly pictures of toys.
  15. I love my silly dog. I didn’t know I could love a four-legged creature as much as I love her stupid face.
  16. I love the people I’ve connected with online, whether through Twitter or Facebook or various blogs. You guys make being a geek awesome.
  17. I love that I’ve bonded with people in my 30s the same way I did in elementary school–over toys and comics.
  18. I love Indiana Jones.
  19. I still love unicorns.
  20. I love that I’m looking around my office and saying things I love like Brick from Anchorman.
  21. I love Stormtroopers. Is there a better designed Star Wars character?
  22. I love my knock-off Stormtrooper robot and my Super7 Super Shogun Stormtrooper.
  23. I love Community. I’m sad that it doesn’t get the viewers its brilliance deserves.
  24. I love finding beauty in silly things.
  25. I love 1982 World’s Fair memorabilia, especially if it features the Sunsphere in Knoxville. I’m from Knoxville, and the Sunsphere is my favorite architectural feature in the world. We moved from Knoxville before the fair started, so I didn’t get to see it in action, but I get giddy like a little kid when we drive by it on trips to Knoxville.
  26. I love HeroesCon. It’s February, and I can’t wait for June to get here, not only because the con is so much fun, but it also means I get to spend a few days with my favorite people in the world.
  27. I love knock-off toys. Sometimes they’re so bad, but that’s what makes them so good.
  28. I love Mr. T. I remember liking him as a kid because he dressed like Punky Brewster (a personal hero of mine), and because even though he’s a big guy, he seemed sweet.
  29. I love Oscar Goldman. He’s known as “the most boring toy ever” in our house, but I adore him.
  30. I love getting wrapped up in random documentaries. Who knew real life was so interesting?
  31. I love the Academy Awards ceremony. It’s my Super Bowl.
  32. I love cool t-shirts.
  33. I love art toys, especially Battle Babies. They’ve made my life infinitely more fun the past couple of years.
  34. I love whimsy. I even love the word.
  35. I love Quentin Tarantino films.
  36. I love playing Halo: Reach even if I’m not the best player.
  37. I love discovering something I didn’t know existed that all of a sudden I need for my collection.
  38. I love flea market hunting. Even if we don’t find anything, we manage to see something we can’t unsee and have a good story later.
  39. I love skulls, skeletons, and monsters.
  40. I love Garbage Pail Kids, and every time I see the old ones, I can’t believe my parents bought them for me.
  41. I love Shel Silverstein. My late uncle bought me a Shel Silverstein book for many birthdays, and he would always write something in the front cover.
  42. I love Frankenstein’s monster, especially in Bride of Frankenstein. There’s something so beautiful about his humanity. It makes me cry every time I hear him say, “We belong dead.”
  43. I love Randal’s speech at the end of Clerks II, when he talks about living life the way it makes sense to you. It’s weird to base my personal philosophy on a film that features a donkey show, but Kevin Smith is a profane but profound mofo.
  44. I love that my greatest interior design inspiration is Pee-Wee Herman.
  45. I love indie comics and artists like Daniel Clowes, Charles Burns, and Mike Allred.
  46. I love that if I told 12-year-old me that I’d get to fill my house with comics and toys, I’d have been delighted but wouldn’t have believed myself.
  47. I love watching a movie multiple times and being able to quote the whole thing. (See Kill Bill, Star Trek, Ghost World, Pulp Fiction, The Goonies, The Princess Bride, Star Wars (Original Trilogy), Halloween, 40-Year-Old Virgin, Anchorman, High Fidelity, Almost Famous)
  48. I love it when Kirk talks about morphology in Abrams’ Star Trek. I have a linguistics/tech writing degree, so the interpretation of Uhura as a xenolinguist makes my nerdy heart sing.
  49. I love essayists like Sarah Vowell and Chuck Klosterman. Klosterman’s Killing Yourself to Live helped me through my mom’s hospital stay when she had a stroke five years ago.
  50. I love saying the word “rad”. I know it’s probably silly, but I’ve always loved that word. And I often say I put the “rad” in “Rader”, so there’s that.
  51. I love making lists like this and blogging, even if I’m late with every League post. I made a commitment this year to try to do more, and even if it’s late, it counts, right?

I could keep going, but this is a pretty good list. Check out what other Leaguers love!

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