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League of Extraordinary Bloggers: One Year Old!

league_logo1The LOEB is a year old! I can’t believe it’s already been a year. I’ve been part of the League of Extraordinary Slackers, since I’ve not been a regular contributor. But I’m trying, guys, I promise. 🙂

In honor of the League turning 1, here’s our assignment:

1. Write about your involvement in the League of Extraordinary Bloggers and recall some of your favorite posts — these could be your own and/or those written by others. 

2. Come up with a list of potential topics you would like to see as future weekly League challenges.

Wow, favorite posts. There are so many I enjoyed reading and writing, but I’ll choose my favorite to write and my favorite to read. My favorite posts:

  • I loved writing about When I Was 12. So much of what I am today wouldn’t be possible without what I dug back then, and it was fun to go back and put myself in my 12-year-old shoes, remembering what it was like to be a girl geek before it was cool.
  • Shawn at Branded in the 80s writes about what he loves. So many times in reading this post I said, “YES!” or burst into spontaneous applause in my head.

Ideas for posts:

  • What product mascot would you like to meet?
  • This one’s for the girls–write about a girly cartoon/comic/TV show.
  • Write about meeting one of your real-life heroes–was it everything you hoped it would be, or did your hero become a villain?
  • Geek events – What is a convention, toy show, or other annual event you can’t miss? What makes it a can’t-miss?
  • Seek out some part of geekdom you’ve never experienced (attending a con, reading a comic, playing a role-playing game, etc.) and write about the experience.
  • League of Extraordinary Bloggers’ Virtual Art Show – Make something! Draw a picture, make a toy, make a collage, bake a cake, whatever–just get out the craft supplies or ingredients and use your geeky hands to make something pop culture-related.
  • Pop Culture Artists – Who are your favorite current artists that have their feet planted squarely in retro pop culture? (I’m thinking of people like 8-Bit Zombie, ManOrMonster? Studios, Killer Bootlegs and other indie toy artists, etc.)
  • Quotes – What are your favorite movie/book/TV show/other media quotes and why?
  • Ink – Do you have any pop culture tattoos? What did you choose and why? If not, and you were getting a pop culture tattoo, what would you choose?

So that’s it! The birthday cake is stale and the streamers are coming down, but the party is just beginning. Stay tuned for more League posts!

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