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Bring Your Man-E-Faces to Work Day

So if you didn’t know, today is Bring Your Man-E-Faces to Work Day. It’s kinda like Bring Your Child to Work Day, except  you have to deal with a tiny guy whose face can change. If you’re not familiar with the history of this holiday, you can read more about it here. It’s a kick-off to fall, a season of change, and started out as an inside joke at NECA. It’s been going on for a few years, but this is the first year I found out in time to celebrate.


Work, work, work!

Work, work, work!


Man-E-Faces was excited to arrive at work. Not many of the MOTU gang get to venture out of the house, so this was a rare treat.

Man-E decided to park in front of the keyboard and do some typing. I explained that I had a lot to do, especially after a long weekend, but he was so excited. He kept asking, “How do I send Man-E-Mail?” Great sense of humor on that guy for sure. Knowing all I had to do, I had to think fast to find something for him to do.







Greetings for everyone participating today!

Greetings for everyone participating today!

“Hey, I know,” I said. “Why don’t you make a sign for everyone participating today?”

He flipped to his robot face, and his eyes lit up. “That’s a great idea! I can say hi to all of the Mans-E-Faces and the nice people who brought their friends to work today!”

I handed him a pen and paper, and he set straight to work. (Man-E-Faces is many things, but a slouch he is not.)








"Anyone gives you trouble, you hand the phone to me!"

“Anyone gives you trouble, you hand the phone to me!”


After lunch, Man-E got bored, and I was finally done with most of my calls. I mentioned to Man-E that I had a lot to do, but I kept getting interrupted. “I can totally help with that. Let me handle the phone,” he said as he flipped to his monster face. “Anyone bothers you, they’ll have me to deal with.”

“Okay,” I warned, “but be nice. I don’t want you scaring anyone. I do have to work with these people.”

“No problemo, Boss Lady.”







"C'mon! It's time to head back to the castle!"

“C’mon! It’s time to head back to the castle!”

Once 5:00 rolled around, Man-E was ready to head home. He grabbed my badge, complimenting me on my taste in lanyards, and he crawled back into purse so no one would step on him. He was excited about all he learned, and he started making plans for next  year. “I’m gonna learn all I can about your job so I can help next year. What is it you do again?”










And now, time to relax!

And now, time to relax!


Finally, we made it home, and after a delicious dinner, Man-E decided to kick back with a little XBox. “It really helps me wind down after a hard day at the office.” Sure, Man-E, whatever you say. Until next year!

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