Weirdo Wednesdays: Horrific

Horrific #5, cover art by Don Heck

Horrific #5, cover art by Don Heck

For my first Halloween comic feature, I wanted to cover one of my prized comic possessions. This is the only pre-Comics Code comic I own, and it’s amazing. Horrific was a 13-issue series published from 1952-54 by a small publishing company called Comic Media. (After issue 13, the title changed to Terrific.) They primarily published adventure, horror, and Western stories. Horrific featured covers by Don Heck, before he worked with Stan Lee.

The stories in this issue are interesting. The first, “Death Kiss”, features a deadly lady robot. Check out this title panel.

20131002-203611.jpgThen, at the end of the story, we get this image of her melting face.


The next story, “Murder Mountain”, is a Western horror tale. It’s always a great sign when there’s a guy hanging in the first panel.


And apparently, it’s okay to punch a girl in this story for flapping her jaws.


Next up, a story about a vengeful smoke spirit. The art for this story is beautiful!


Finally, a story of vengeful Asian slaves called “The Singing Slaves”. This one is incredible.

20131002-205800.jpgCreepy, right?

So as you can imagine, Horrific issues are hard to come by. Luckily, the stories are in the public domain, so you can download some of them, including this entire issue, here. Some of the stories have made it into horror anthologies, like The Horror! The Horror! (If you’ve never seen this book, go buy it now. Pre-Comics Code horror comics are awesome.)

I’m so excited to share this with you. I can’t wait to peruse my spinner rack for more spooky goodies!


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