Frightening Fridays: Bootleg Thriller Skeleton Decoration

One of the things I love about my town is that we have a Ben Franklin. Ben Franklin is a craft store with a bit of an old school discount store within. Ours is like stepping into a time machine. Among the crappy home decor and craft supplies are things like hair nets with graphics from the middle of last century and a menagerie of plastic animals. (We frequent the store because they carry a wide selection of animals and plastic babies.) So while Brad was shopping for supplies, I decided to check out their meager Halloween section.

The first thing that caught my eye was a display of jointed monster decorations. I always look for a skeleton first, but I didn’t see one right away. I saw a pretty nifty wolfman, a scary scarecrow with a jack-o’lantern head, and upon further digging, two skeletons. The first was a naked skeleton with bat wings and what I guess were supposed to be bat ears. It looked like a dead goth fairy. I’m guessing it was supposed to be a vampire, but terribly executed. At first glance, the second, with its long black hair and high collared red outfit, looked like a vampire bride.


Then, something caught my eye. This skeleton had a cool zigzag pattern on its chest.


And there’s something familiar about its socks and shoes.


It hit me. OH. MY. GOD. IT’S A THRILLER MICHAEL JACKSON SKELETON HALLOWEEN DECORATION!!!!! I may have squealed out loud in delight, startling several blue-haired old ladies in the Christmas aisle. I thought, “Well, I have to have this. This is not the kind of thing you pass up. It’s a once in a lifetime kind of thing.”

And how much, you may ask, was this most random of Halloween adornments? You’re not going to believe it. Keep in mind, at the moment I would have paid any price to take this thing home with me. Having recently been to Target and looking at their prices, I thought, “It’s probably $5 or $10. Maybe $8.” Plus, Ben Franklin is weird. Things are either super cheap or museum gift shop prices. So how much was this Halloween miracle?

$1.68 plus tax. That’s all! The Great Pumpkin loves me! I should have bought all of them. Should I happen into Ben Franklin soon and they still have them, I’m not promising that I won’t buy at least one more. I accidentally stepped on this one, and, as you could guess, he’s $1.68 quality paper. I need a back-up.


Gaze into his eyes….

If you don’t have a Ben Franklin in your area, you can purchase one of these babies for yourself here, but it’s a bit pricier. (I’m  not sure if mine is a knock-off of these and that’s why it’s cheaper or if I just stumbled upon the deal of the century.) Either way, you need this in your life. And should you happen upon my doorstep this Halloween season, this is what you’ll see.


Yes, we put his hand there. Where else would it go?

So that’s it! Week one of Blog-O-Ween is in the books. I don’t know that every week will have a running theme, but I’ve enjoyed this week of “Thriller”. (I have something in mind for Halloween week, so stay tuned for that.) Who knows what evil lurks in the mind of this Geeky Vixen?

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