Frightening Fridays: Topps Fright Flicks Cards

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As a child of the ’80s, I have an affinity for wax packs. I spent a great deal of my childhood allowance on things like Garbage Pail Kids. And if it could be turned into a card, Topps did it. They hit every corner of pop culture: music, dinosaurs, monsters, aliens, wrestling, movies, TV shows, even vehicles. Yesterday, I picked up some old Topps Fright Flicks cards out of curiosity and because ’tis the season to be scary.

The cards were released in 1985 and mostly featured horror films of the time. Sometimes they ventured outside of that and went back a few years. The cards I opened were mostly Nightmare on Elm Street, Day of the Dead, Alien, Fright Night, and Predator. I did get a pretty nifty sticker of The Fly. The scariest part of these cards now is the gum that’s almost 30 years old. At its prime that gum was nearly inedible; I can only imagine now what it’s morphed into. I’m fairly certain you’d turn into something from one of the cards if you tried to chew it.

The fun part of these cards is that they take stills from these movies and put a fun little caption on them. Yes, some of them are incredibly corny, but what cards back in the day weren’t, right? They also featured “Did They Happen?” stories on the back, which are bizarre stories that are purported to be true.

Of the four packs I bought, three were O-Pee-Chee instead of Topps. These were manufactured in Canada. The only difference I could find is that the artwork on the back is blue instead of green, and the logo on the pack was different.

The great thing about these cards is that they’re not incredibly rare. You can pick some up on eBay, or any nostalgic store. I bought mine at Rad Vintage in Chicago, and they sell the cards online as well.


2 thoughts on “Frightening Fridays: Topps Fright Flicks Cards

  1. I think I had some of these cards in the late 1980’s. Do they have phrases on them that are supposed to be jokey… like I remember having a card from Poltergeist II from the moment where Craig T. Nelson is vomiting out the worm that he drank and it is mammoth.

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