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League of Extraordinary Bloggers: Hey, Isn’t That…?

So this week’s League post is all about celebrity sightings. I’ve had a few fun ones, so this is going to be a rapid fire post.

When I was a kid, we lived near Nashville. I saw Johnny and June Carter Cash at the airport, as well as Ronnie Milsap. (Ronnie Milsap didn’t see me–it sounds like a joke, but it’s true! I SWEAR.)

My uncle lived in Nashville, and he bought an antique Victrola from Sarah Cannon (better known as Minnie Pearl). He also sat on an airplane next to Loretta Lynn. He said she was the nicest lady, and she talked about her “dogs a-barkin'”. Adorable.

My grandma used to buy me season passes to Dollywood every year. I’ve mentioned here before that Dolly Parton is my hero, so I was always excited to go to the preview day that only passholders could attend. They always had a parade, and Dolly would ride by in a fancy carriage. One year, Burt Reynolds accompanied her in her fancy carriage, and I almost passed out from the awesome.

When I was in college, I attended a convention in Savannah, GA, about writing education as part of an internship I was doing at our university’s Writing Center. We stayed at the DeSoto Hilton downtown, as did Lynyrd Skynyrd and ZZ Top. A friend and I shared an elevator with members of both bands, who invited us to their floor. We walked around the floor for a few minutes and made a beeline for the elevator so as not to be propositioned by creepy old rock stars.

The first convention Mr. Geeky V and I attended was a show in Knoxville called AdventureCon. This convention was heavily entertainment-based, so there were celebrities galore. Some quick hits from that show:

  • The first year we went, Ernie Hudson was there. Around lunchtime, no one was talking to him, so he was eating a sandwich. Mr. Geeky V got his attention, and somewhere on my hard drive is a photo of Winston Zeddemore eating lunch.
  • Mr. Geeky V had a close encounter with Corey Feldman. The former Mouth from Goonies used his shoulders to jump off and get some leverage to move through the crowd. I was off digging through longboxes so I MISSED IT. I was sad.
  • I overheard William Katt tell a story about a rape scene cut from what I’m assuming was Carrie. I can’t imagine it was a story about The Greatest American Hero.
  • I talked to Micky Dolenz about how much I loved the Monkees growing up.
  • But my favorite story came from the same show Corey Feldman attended–as we were leaving, Peter Mayhew was coming back in the building. I’m 5’3″, so he was SUPER tall to me. I immediately recognized him, and smiled. He grinned back, and warmly said, “Halloooooooooo.” As much as I loved Chewie before, I love him even more now.

I once saw Whitney Houston at a pancake house in Nashville. To this day I still say the greatest love of all is pancakes.

I saw Johnny Cash perform at the Carter Family Fold twice. (The Carter Fold is a music venue on the Carter family property in Hillsville, VA, which is about an hour from my house. It is such a cool experience.) People never knew when Johnny was going to show up. You just had to know someone who would tell you that, “Johnny’s in the valley.” The first time we saw Johnny perform, June was with him, and apparently (though I didn’t see them), Dwight Yoakam and Billy Bob Thornton were sitting right behind us. The second time we saw Johnny perform was one of his last performances before he died. It was after June died, and he sang a song for her and said, “I miss you, baby.” NOT A DRY EYE IN THE VALLEY.

The first year we attended HeroesCon, we ran into Scott Adsit. Actually, I spotted him, and said, “Hey, isn’t that Pete from 30 Rock?” My mind went blank, so I had to look up his real name. Mr. Geeky V and I talked to him for a few minutes. He’s really cool and nice, and he even took a picture with us.

So those are my celebrity sighting highlights. Have you ever spotted someone famous? Did you talk to them or just follow them around?

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    • Yeah, it was just bizarre how casual he was about it, like, “Blah blah blah, rape story, blah blah.” I had my back to him because I was looking at something nearby, but I did a cartoon double take.

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