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Monstrous Mondays: Mannix Frankenstein

Big Hands, I know you're the one.

Big Hands, I know you’re the one.

For our last Monstrous Mondays feature, I wanted to show you this Mannix Frankenstein (or Frankensteiner). Check out this guy! He’s definitely a king among the He-Man scale knock-off toys. I love his boots and his cool green shirt.

So who are Mannix? Well, they’re a company who made knock-offs sold primarily in Europe in the late ’80s and ’90s. They started out making professional wrestler figures after Hasbro stopped making them, and they branched out to lines of toys like Apes, and these guys, the Horror Wrestlers, or Monster Maniacs. (The internet couldn’t make up its mind what this line was called.) In addition to Frankie here, they made characters like Freddy, Jason, Leatherface, and a werewolf.

I really want these guys.

This guy came to us courtesy of one of our collector friends, who has an amazing collection of knock-off toys. We’re working on ours, but his is incredible. And when Mr. Geeky V said he wanted a Mannix Frankie, our pal came to our rescue. (People are great sometimes.)

He's definitely rocking the wrestler look with that eye makeup.

He’s definitely rocking the wrestler look with that eye makeup.

Frankie here has a facial expression like he’s trying to emulate the human emotion happiness. (“I AM smiling.”) He has a weirdly pronounced belly, and his hands are ginormous!

All in all, he’s a lot of fun, and currently the pride and joy of our Frankenstein toy collection (at least in Mr. Geeky V’s eyes). I’m more partial to the weird Frankenstein troll or the Mego-scale AHI Frankenstein. But this guy is definitely one of the oddest!

So that does it for this year’s Monstrous Mondays, but don’t fret–I’ll still try to bring you regularly scheduled content about toys!

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