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Thriller Thursdays: Songs called “Halloween”

It’s almost here! The Countdown to Halloween is almost complete, as it’s All Hallows Eve Eve. For today’s feature, here are a sampling of songs that are actually called “Halloween”.

Siouxsie and the Banshees

I’ll start with my favorite first. I don’t remember how I discovered this song. I think I was searching for more Siouxsie songs to add to my repertoire, and I said, “Oh, this one’s called ‘Halloween’? Yes, please!” Plus, let’s all marvel at Siouxsie’s eye makeup and costume in this video.


I am probably the least “metal” person you’ll ever meet. And yet, I love Mastodon. When I need to get shit done, I fire up songs like this one. My favorite lyric: “Orange and black take me back to Halloween.” It pretty much sums up how I feel this time of year (or, if I’m being honest, pretty much all the time).

Sonic Youth

I love Sonic Youth. I’ve been going through a grunge revival lately, listening to bands I should’ve been really into in my high school days, but I’m much cooler now.

This song is haunting. It definitely fits the Halloween vibe.


This band is one of the most appropriate for this season. I love the imagery of this song (and the sequel, also at the link). (And the Misfits win an award for embracing skulls. I think they like them almost as much as I do.)

Ryan Adams

I’m not as familar as this song as I am Adams’ “Halloweenhead”. I like “Halloweenhead” a little better, but it wouldn’t fit this post, so this is what you get.

OK, I can’t resist. I love this song too much not to share it.

Dave Matthews Band

I used to like Dave Matthews a lot. I don’t dislike him now. I mean, I still listen to “Ants Marching” when it pops up on the ’90s station on XM, but listening to this song for this piece kinda annoyed me. He sounds like he has a bad case of diarrhea and recorded this song from the bus toilet before his bus driver emptied it over Chicago. Anyway, it’s probably just me. I hope you don’t have the same reaction.

Oh boy. I’m 3:30 minutes in, and I think this song is making me homicidal. Next!


If you like your Halloween music in the form of ’90s European dance music, then this is for you. Famous stateside for their hit “Barbie Girl,” Aqua recorded this homage to horror movies. It pays homage to horror movies like ScreamFriday the 13th, and others. It’s actually pretty fun!

Rob Zombie

One of the biggest fans of Halloween in music and film, Rob Zombie certainly belongs on this list. This song is really cool, too. It has a retro vibe to it, and it fits on any Halloween/surf rock playlist.

So there you have it, a full playlist of songs titled “Halloween”. Want more? Here’s a list!

Tune in tomorrow, kiddies, for our last Halloween post of 2014!

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