We’re Getting Star Wars for Christmas!

You’ve probably seen the comic making the rounds with the guy marking days on the calendar. His wife asks if he’s counting down to Christmas, and he says, “No, Star Wars.” I feel ya, buddy. As much as I love the holiday season and am enjoying the twinkling lights and Christmas music, everyone at Geeky Vixen HQ is in a full-on Star Wars frenzy. Other than food, I’m not sure any purchase I’ve made in the last couple of weeks has been completely Star Wars free. We went to LA the week before Thanksgiving to attend DesignerCon, and even there, we found Star Wars merchandise. We picked up some vintage Action Fleet minifigures (from one of the two guys selling vintage at the designer toy/art convention). I bought a couple of t-shirts featuring artistic interpretations of Leia, and a Robert Crumb-style print of Leia and R2.


Leia and R2, by Manly Art (manlyart.bigcartel.com)

The Monday after the con, we went to Disneyland. Holy crap, you guys. Season of the Force is super rad. We lost our collective minds once we set foot inside Tomorrowland. It reduced our merry band of adults into a bunch of kids, darting from attraction to attraction, and oohing and ahhing over everything remotely related to Star Wars. Here are some pics from our adventure. (The pics contain photos of the Star Wars exhibit, but it’s costumes and ships, including some from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Still, if you’re avoiding seeing anything, be warned.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

At our house we’ve also embraced the Star Wars style in our holiday decorating. I’ve purchased two light sets: one of Santa Yoda, and one of Stormtroopers that’s staying out all year long. I have my eye on an R2 set as well. On Black Friday, we bought some Star Wars stuff from Kohl’s to update our bathroom. And I bought a couple of Star Wars Christmas shirts that are cringeworthy in their cheesiness, but still adorable. And as always, our holiday coffee table is a snowball fight, this time in the vintage Ewok village, complete with a Life Day tree.

Oh, and we got a new Xbox One for ourselves for Christmas. What was the first game we played? Why, the new Star Wars: Battlefront, of course. I’m thoroughly in love with the fact that I can play as Leia in the hero missions and some of the multiplayer games. I have to say, though, in the games where I have to fight Leia, it pains me to shoot at her. Probably my favorite multiplayer game is Droid Hunt. Following around Gonk droids is so much fun!

So, yeah, Star Wars has taken full hold of us here at Geeky Vixen HQ. Not that it didn’t already have a grasp on us anyway, but it’s bad. Needless to say we’re all counting down the days to The Force Awakens. I can’t believe it’s so close, and yet it feels like it’s still in a galaxy far, far away. I know there’s some speculation out there that it could be terrible, but like the message of the franchise, I’m hopeful. Good or bad, I’m excited to sit in a theatre surrounded by my friends and fellow geeks. I know I’m going to cry at least once. I mean, if every trailer so far has made me cry, I’m pretty much doomed to sob through a good portion of the movie, right? (Hence why I’ve already secured tickets for a second viewing.) I’ll be there the evening of December 17th, decked out in all the Star Wars gear I can fit on my person, ready to see the movie we’ve waited for since we were kids.

So how about you, gentle readers? Are you in a Star Wars frenzy? Are you ready for the Force to awaken already? Sound off in the comments!

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