Pop Culture Analysis

About That MOTUC Castle Grayskull Ad

After reading this article in which Paul Dini expresses his feelings about Cartoon Network’s reluctance to garner female audiences, I scrolled down my Facebook newsfeed to the image above. It’s a clever advertisement letting fans know about today’s sale on MattyCollector.com, where fans or spouses/friends/family of fans can pick up essential items like Castle Grayskull. … Continue reading


Blog Resolutions (Or The Grandiose Plans I’ll Make Today That Hopefully I’ll Stick To)

Ah, New Year’s Day. It’s a time when most of us make some sort of resolutions, like lose weight, quit smoking, exercise more, or save more money. Let’s face it–most of us who make those resolutions fail miserably by February because we use these vague platitudes instead of setting real goals. Now, I’m not going … Continue reading